MCB110Y: iBioseminars in Cell and Molecular Biology

Instructor: Dr. Jonathan M. Scholey, Professor of Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Guest iBioseminars Faculty: Drs Sarah Goodwin and Laurence Clement, UCSF.

Online Component: Each week students will watch an assigned iBioseminar in their own time (see description below syllabus).

Class: Participation: Thursday 12:10-2:00 pm in Storer 1344 on dates listed after each seminar

Office hours: With Dr Scholey or with TA by request.

Week 1: Introduction**: Overview of the topics in cell and molecular biology research to be covered during the following nine weeks i.e. origin and evolution of prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, cell membranes and organelles, cytoskeletal polymers and motors, cytoplasmic organization and dynamics, cell movement and cell division – Jonathan Scholey.

Week 2: The Origin of Cellular Life on Earth – Jack Szostak

Week 3: Organization of Cytoplasm – Tony Hyman

Week 4: GTP-binding Proteins as Molecular Switches – Alfred Wittinghofer

Week 5: Protein Secretion and Vesicle Traffic – Randy Schekman

Week 6: Cell organization and Cell Motility – Julie Theriot

Week 7: Marvels of Bacterial Behaviour – Howard Berg

Week 8: Cytoskeletal Motor Proteins – Ron Vale

Week 9: Protein Kinases: Structure, Function and Regulation – Susan Taylor

Week 10: Controlling the Cell Cycle – David Morgan

Format: This class is designed for senior level undergraduate students in the biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology and genetics majors.

During each of weeks two through nine, student should listen to the assigned iBioseminar as“homework”. Each of the iBioseminars are divided into 2 or 3 parts starting with a general introductory lecture followed by two lectures on more “in depth” topics for a total of approximately 90 or so minutes per iBioseminar. The currently available seminars are listed at the link below:

In Class: 25 minute introduction; 25 minute group discussions; 45 minute instructor-led class discussion; 15 minute quiz.