MCB 221D: Cellular Biochemistry

Course Coordinator:

Jonathan Scholey,
Professor of Cell Biology and Biochemistry,
Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Lectures: Tuesday and Thursday 12:10-1:30 pm, 1342 Storer

Discussion Session: Fridays 12:10-1 pm, 1342 Storer

Grading: Each instructor’s section will have a problem set and/or term paper associated with it.

There are no mid-terms or final exam.

Membranes, Organelle Biogenesis and Trafficking (Jinoh Kim)
January T. 5. Membrane structure and biophysics
Th. 7. Protein Translocation into organelles
Tu 12. The Secretory Pathway
Th. 14. Endocytosis
Tu 19. Nuclear transport

Metabolic Regulation and Signal Transduction (Ted Powers)
Th. 21. Principles and overview of cell signaling
Tu. 26. Specificity in signaling: dissection of MAPK pathways
Th. 28. Re-wiring and modeling of signaling pathways: what we learn
February: Tu. 2. Metabolic signaling in yeast and higher eukaryotes
Th. 4. Membranes, signaling, and inter-organelle communication

The Cell Cycle and Signal Transduction (Frank McNally)
Tu. 9. Oscillation of MPF: cdks and ubiquitin ligases.
Th. 11. The metaphase-anaphase transition and the spindle checkpoint.
Tu. 16. Mitotic Exit.
Th. 18. S-phase entry in Budding Yeast.
Tu. 23. S-phase entry in Mammals and Checkpoints.

Mitosis: Polymer dynamics and Mitotic Motors (Jon Scholey)
Th.25. Force generation by motor-polymer systems: Single Molecule Assays.
March: Tu. 2. Mitotic Motors.
Th. 4. Mechanisms of Mitosis I: Spindle assembly. Chromosome capture and alignment.
Tu. 9. Mechanism of Mitosis II: Chromosome segregation during anaphase A and B.
Th. 11. Prokaryotic Cell Division.