MCB 212: Cell Biology

Winter 2012
12:10-1:30 PM, Tuesday, Thursday
1342 Storer Hall

Jinoh Kim: Membranes, Organelle Biogenesis and Trafficking
Jan. 10: Membrane structure and biophysics (lecture)
Jan. 12: Protein Translocation into organelles (lecture)
Jan. 17: Discussion (Groups 1 and 3)
Jan. 19: The Secretory Pathway (lecture)
Jan. 24: Discussion (Groups 2 and 4)
Jan. 26: Kim assignment due

Ted Powers: Metabolic Regulation and Signal Transduction
Jan. 26: Principles and overview of cell signaling (lecture)
Jan. 31: Inter-organelle communication and ER homeostasis (lecture)
Feb. 2: Discussion (Groups 5 and 7)
Feb. 7: Metabolic signaling and regulation in eukaryotes (lecture)
Feb. 9: Discussion (Groups 6 and 8)
Feb. 11: Powers assignment due

Frank McNally: Cell Cycle Control and Cell Division
Feb. 14: Bacterial chromosome segregation (lecture)
Feb. 16: MPF: the cell cycle oscillator (lecture)
Feb. 21: Discussion (Groups 1 and 3)
Feb. 23: The APC, cohesin, securin and separase (lecture)
Feb. 28: Discussion (Groups 2 and 4)
March 1: McNally Assignment due

Jon Scholey: Biological Motors
March 1: Polymer Ratchets and Cell Locomotion
March 6: Intracellular and Intraflagellar Transport Motors
March 8: Discussion (Groups 5 and 7)
March 13: Mitotic Motors and Chromosome Segregation
March 15: Discussion (Groups 6 and 8)
March 17: Scholey Assignment due

Reading assignments, discussion papers and written assignments will be posted in the RESOURCES section of SMARTSITE.
Each student has been assigned to a discussion group . For each discussion class period, two discussion groups will each give a PowerPoint presentation on an assigned paper and lead a class discussion on that paper. Each presentation + discussion should be 40 min in length.
Each instructor will also give a written assignment with due dates indicated above.

25% 2 Powerpoint presentations + 2X leading class discussion
25% participation in ALL class discussions (includes having read the paper)
50% 4 written assignments